Workplace Giving: A life-changing impact, with little effort


We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs can be delivered online or face to face!

Workplace Giving: A life-changing impact, with little effort

August 9, 2021


Workplace Giving (WPG) is when employees make small, regular donations from their pre-tax pay. It’s a way you can support the positive impact batyr is making on the lives of young people, and also do it in tax-effective way.

We couldn’t do what we do at batyr without the generous support of everyday people, workplace givers like Stuart, senior development manager at GPT Group.

Tell us why you first got involved in the workplace giving program?

GPT has been supporting batyr for a number of years now, listing them as a workplace giving charity. Though it wasn’t until I began working with batyr on a few projects that I gained a better understanding of how much a steady revenue stream from regular donors makes a difference to the work they do. As a result, I signed up. This understanding motivated me to get involved. Rather than giving money as a one-off donation, regular workplace giving is a way to have more of an impact.

It’s really easy to just set and forget. I have signed up to give $20 a month, which is not a huge amount of money and it’s making a difference with little effort. 

How long have you been a workplace giver?

Around six months.

Why did you choose to support batyr through workplace giving?

I really believe in what batyr is doing. They are also one of GPT’s charity partners that are less financially established than other not-for-profits, so I felt like my money could make more of an impact.

I also really liked how batyr pivoted during COVID-19, they were able to continue the conversation with young people by delivering your school programs online. Young people will be better off because it’s more important than ever to talk about our mental health.

What benefits do you see with workplace giving?

There’s plenty! It’s easy and straightforward to give once it’s set up and my donations come straight from my pay (pre-tax income), so I’m giving more for less.

Above all, the more awareness and the more we can support youth experiencing and at-risk of experiencing mental ill-health, the better. 

How else has your workplace gotten around batyr?

Run for the Herd is a lot of fun! My workmates and I really believe in the positive power of physical exercise on mental health. I’ve signed up to do a “50km in a day” challenge for R4TH.

GPT recently donated $10,000 for [email protected] programs but they have helped batyr out in other ways. Over the past couple of years, they organised a venue for batyr to run their team-building days, delivered a job-readiness workshop for young people involved with batyr (their Herd), and provided skilled volunteering to help build their 2021 Tax Appeal website.

GPT also sponsored the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Blue Tie Ball.

What are the knock-on effects you find that workplace giving has for yourself personally and within your organisation?

Knowing that I’m helping to change the story of youth mental health has inspired me to give to other charities and gives me the sense that I am part of something bigger than myself. It has certainly increased the morale of my colleagues as well. Because making a profit or earning an income doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not putting that money back into improving the community around you, including the future of the next generation.

Why do you think preventative mental health programs are so important?

If you don’t prevent it, it can be such a horrible outcome for young people and their loved ones.

I know people who have suffered and I know people who have tragically lost their battle with mental ill-health. 

While I haven’t lived with mental ill-health, as their friend, you always feel like you can do more if those people you are supporting have the knowledge and tools to speak up and get support. It’s important for people to know what support is out there and the importance of finding the right fit – not every type of support will be right for everyone.

Being out there and being proactive about encouraging all of us to start a conversation and to listen is the best thing you can do. Everyone has been touched by mental ill-health so the more we can do to reduce the stigma, the better. 

What would you say to someone thinking about workplace giving so they know why it’s so important to support our programs and the work we do?

The biggest thing, when I talk to people about it, is to try to make people aware of how much a small amount can make a difference, and, especially, how important consistent donation is to a charity.

It’s not a lot for an individual but means a lot to a charity and the people it supports. 

Want to support batyr’s work to improve youth mental health outcomes? Speak to your employer to learn about workplace giving or contact us at [email protected]

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.