1 in 5 Australian employees will take time off work due to feeling mentally unwell each year.

batyr have partnered with Dr. Tim Sharp – aka Dr Happy – a clinical psychologist who is at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of The Happiness Institute to bring you: batyr@work.

batyr deliver a range of programs designed to:

  • Foster better mental health in the workplace
  • Empower employees to have open and honest conversation about mental health
  • Provide tips and resources to improve help seeking and support

Beyond the clear benefits to personal wellbeing, mentally healthy workplaces have:

  • A more engaged workforce
  • A reduction in absenteeism
  • Easier talent acquisition
  • Greater collaboration between staff with improved productivity

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By supporting the batyr@work program, not only will you be improving the mental health knowledge of your workforce, you will also contribute to the work batyr do in schools around the country, creating a better future for our youth.