Why I Swim – Imogen

November 27, 2019


Splash the Stigma Classic 2019 is only 2 weeks away so we wanted to ask, “Why do you swim?”

We sat down with Imogen, our amazing UTS Uni program coordinator, to find out what gets her motivated to head out for a swim.

How does swimming benefit your mental health?

Swimming is the best form of exercise for me, both mentally and physically! I find that I’m completely calm and focused on the moment when I swim. It helps me to turn off from whatever has happened that day, and enact behaviours that help me slow down and control my breathing. I never regret going for a swim, whether it be for exercise or for fun. 

Describe how swimming makes you feel in 3 words?

Calm, clear and strong.

Where are your favourite places to swim?

I love swimming at Victoria Park Pool near Glebe, or Andrew Boy Charlton pool next to the botanical gardens in Sydney. I also love swimming in the ocean on a calm day. 

How excited are you for Splash the stigma?

Incredibly excited! It’s going to be such a fun day and great way to get involved in a summer sport event. I can’t wait! Especially can’t wait because it is a team effort and I get to swim with my friends.

Why do you think Splash the Stigma is important?

Stigma is such a pesky thing! I love that batyr are doing an event similar to City2Surf but specifically towards swimming and mental health – whilst running is a great way to clear your mind, I believe swimming is equally as important and often overlooked. Raising awareness through a fundraiser like Splash the Stigma not only gets everyone involved, but provides an opportunity for those participating to be mindful of the impact of stigma surrounding mental health, and have more advocates partake in changing the attitudes around such!

batyr are doing great work in changing attitudes and behaviours of young people towards mental ill health, and I can’t wait to partake in this event and raise more awareness about such!