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Why I Run: Sami

August 1, 2019


We’re so excited for City2Surf next Sunday 11th August!

We’re asking young people, “Why do you run?”

We caught up with the wonderful Sami, who is ‘Running for the Herd’ this year, to see what keeps her motivated.

 When did you start running?

 I started running years ago, I would run regularly in high school, I’ve always loved running and before I was old enough to go to the gym, running was my main form of exercise!

 What motivates you to run, and what gets you out the door when you’re not feeling as motivated?

 Running for me is ‘me time’, it’s my form of meditation if I’m running with no headphones.

It’s my opportunity to pop in a good podcast and learn something new, listen to something motivating.

It’s my time to get out in nature.

I always feel alert, fresh and mindful after a good run… especially when it ends with a swim!

 How does running and physical exercise help you manage your mental health?

 Running is a mindless activity, which helps me focus in on my body and the views, a chance to quieten my mind, a form of meditation.

Exercising through yoga or at the gym doing CrossFit are both quite cognitive tasks, so my whole mind is focused in on the task of the yoga flow or throwing the weights around safely.

It’s an opportunity to escape my mental noise, to quieten the any ruminations and ongoing over-thinking I’m experiencing.

I never ever ever feel worse after movement of any kind!

 In 3 words, tell us about some of those ‘good vibe’ feelings you have after a good run?

 Elation, energised and empowered (to have a good day!)

 Where is your favourite location to run?

 The beach! My top three…

  1. Merewether beach to Newcastle beach
  2. Nobbys break wall to Newcastle beach and up around King Edward Park
  3. At Burwood beach on the sand

Do you like exercising with other people or do you prefer to ride solo? 

 Ride solo!

 Tell us about some of your healthy recipes or favourite healthy snacks that keep you going on the run.

 Peanut butter on anything… rice cakes, roasted sweet potato, carrot/celery/cucumber sticks is my GO TO!

 When you’re not running, what are you up to?

 Working as a full-time physiotherapist at Next Gen Physio in Kotara, practising and teaching yoga, going to the gym, throwing some weights around, being at the beach, cuddling random’s dogs or drinking coffee… sums me up!

 How excited are you for City2Surf?

 Very excited and very nervous to run the 14km with millions of people (big crowds aren’t my thing).

 Join Sami and help make a difference to the lives of young people. Register to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the 2019 City2Surf or the Bridge to Brisbane!