Why I Run: Michael


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Why I Run: Michael

May 19, 2021


Get excited! The Run for the Herd Virtual Festival is back with batyr supporters across Australia hitting the pavement to make a positive impact on youth mental health. 

Being COVID-safe means people can do their part in their own communities to smash the stigma around mental health!

Superstars like Michael from Manly, who pumped out 21km in last year’s R4TH.

What motivated you to register for R4TH this year?

Reducing the stigma around mental health is a really important cause to me. Right now, we have all faced many challenges over the last year or so because of the pandemic.

I want young people to feel able to speak up when they need to talk and feel ok to reach out for extra help when they need it. That it’s just a normal thing to do.

And I think batyr goes a long way to breaking down those barriers and challenging the stereotypes around mental ill-health.

What did you most enjoy about Run for The Herd Virtual Festival last year?

That I knew where my fundraising was going and how it was directly impacting young people.

It also gave me the opportunity to spread the word of this important cause through something I enjoy doing – running

How often do you usually train, run or exercise in a week? Are you shaking up your routine to prepare for this year?

I like the feeling after a workout so I train pretty regularly, like 6 times a week. And I wanted to push things a little this year so I’ve added some extra distance to my running.

Where are you running this year?

I’m thinking about running from South Head in Watsons Bay to North Head in Manly. So that’s just over 25km.

What impact does physical exercise have on your mental wellbeing?

Running settles me, centres my thoughts and helps manage my moods.

What’s your main motivation to run, including being personally touched by mental ill-health (either yourself or loved ones)?

I have seen the impact of mental ill-health and understand the helplessness it presents, so anything that provides support to young people feeling alone and isolated is important to me.

What’s your favourite running soundtrack?

Love me some Foo Fighters!

What would you say to someone considering signing up this year?

Do it. It is a great cause and you benefit from the giving.

Way to go Michael and THANK YOU! Register for the Run for the Herd Virtual Festival to smash the stigma around mental health and to raise money for batyr. Every $25 allows a young person to experience a [email protected] program.