Why I Run: Jake - Batyr


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Why I Run: Jake

August 1, 2019


City2Surf is coming up next week! 

 We sat down with inspiring 13 year old Jake, who is running for the Herd in the City2Surf next Sunday 11th August!

 When did you start running?

 I started running in year 3 at the school’s cross country carnival.

 What do you enjoy most about running?

 The feeling of going fast, being outdoors and being able to push myself further each race or training session.

 When did you first hear about batyr and why did you choose to support them through the City2Surf?

 Through the City2Surf site. I wanted to raise money for a good cause, and being a teenager at school, what better than to raise awareness for mental health issues, and helping young people have a voice around this issue.

 Will you be running with any other mates or family on the day?

 I will be running with my mum. I have been training with my dad for the event.

 How has your training been going in the lead up?

 The training so far is going to plan. I have been lucky that I have had a number of races of late that have helped me prepare for City2Surf, but I have never run more than 14 kms before, so hopefully I’m good to go.

 How excited are you for City2Surf?

 I can’t wait to tear the course up!

 Help Jake make a difference to the lives of young people! Register to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the 2019 City2Surf or the Bridge to Brisbane!