Why I Run: Avanthi

July 28, 2019


It’s only 2 weeks until City2Surf 2019 and we’re just a (little bit) excited, so we wanted to ask some inspirational young people, “Who do you run?”

The amazing Avanthi is our Being Herd Pathways Coordinator and is running for the herd this year!

When you’re not running, what are you up to?

You can find me at the barre studio or at SaltoFit class (trampoline HIIT class). 

When not keeping fit, I’m out at dinner with mates, at a local art gallery or watching the latest movie at the cinemas.

I also love spending time with family or hanging out with my dog, Ziggy. He gives the best cuddles.

How does running and physical exercise help you manage your mental health?

It helps me get out of my own head. 

When I’m exercising, I’m focusing on pushing my body a little further, on breathing and getting more oxygen. 

I feel like I’m sweating out all my stress (even if it’s just for a moment). 

It clears my head and I feel like I can focus on the day/next task.

In 3 words, tell us about some of those ‘good vibe’ feelings you have after a run?

Strong, focused, alive.

When did you start running?

I used to do ‘Little Athletics’ when I was 5 and it kept going from there. 

Whether it was playing sports (netball, hockey, football, cricket etc) or just running for fun, it’s always been a part of my life.

Where is your favourite location to run?

I like running around my neighbourhood. I’ve lived there my entire life but I always find a change or discover something new.

Do you like exercising with other people or do you prefer to ride solo? 

I love both! 

I love hiking with my family and going to fitness classes with friends because they push me to go a little harder every time. 

When I run, I go alone or take my dog because I like having alone time too.

Tell us about some of your healthy recipes or favourite healthy snacks that keep you going on the run.

Fresh rice paper rolls are super easy and fun to make! 

I usually fill them with carrot, capsicum, cucumber, avocado and peanut satay tofu (store bought). 

Add some basil and coriander (or not) and enjoy it with your favourite sauce – mine is sweet chilli.

I also love peanut butter and banana protein smoothies too! Delicious!

How excited are you for City2Surf?

So excited! The last time I entered, I was 12 and had to walk half of it with a twisted ankle – but luckily my Mum was there for support. 

This time, I’ll be running with my brother and batyr friends.

What motivates you to get you out on a run?

Being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Sometimes though, it really is hard to get outdoors and, on those days, I’m gentle and give myself space. 

On other days, I remind myself that running is good for my mind, body and my soul. Knowing that my body gets stronger with each run is a huge motivator!

 Get amongst the action and help make a difference to the lives of young people. Register to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the 2019 City2Surf or the Bridge to Brisbane!