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Why I Run: Ari

August 1, 2019


Ari is one of many marvellous young people who have taken up the call to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the City2Surf, raising funds that allow us to continue our work across Australia.

We asked Ari, “Why do you run?”

When you’re not running, what are you up to?

When you’re not running, what are you up to? Playing beach volleyball, swimming or at the gym.

How does running and physical exercise help you manage your mental health?

Movement helps settle down my mind like nothing else. 

It feels like the stress exits my body through my head; like a pressure cooker being released.

In 3 words, tell us about some of those ‘good vibe’ feelings you have after a run?

Elated, calm, pumped.

When did you start running?

Since coming out of the womb.

Where is your favourite location to run?

Coogee to Bondi track.

Do you like exercising with other people or do you prefer to ride solo? 

Both. Mixing it with people is even more amazing.

Tell us about some of your healthy recipes or favourite healthy snacks that keep you going on the run.

love dates and dried apples for quick energy on the go.

How excited are you for City2Surf?


What motivates you to get you out on a run?

The feeling of calm after the run.


Get amongst the action and help make a difference to the lives of young people. Register to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the 2019 City2Surf or the Bridge to Brisbane!