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Why I Run: Alex

August 5, 2019


City2 Surf is THIS SUNDAY and in the lead up to this massive weekend, we’ve been asking young people, “Why do you run?”

Today, we’re profiling Aussie surfer, all round legend and one of our charity superstar runners Alex Hayes.

 How does running and physical exercise help you manage your mental health?

Daily exercise helps keep me accountable.  I can’t give in to my weaknesses so I teach myself to push through and rise above.

 When did you start running?

I’ve always been a water boy so it’s only recently that I have started running just to prove to myself I can become good at it.

 What motivates you to run, and what gets you out the door when you’re not feeling as motivated?

I don’t want to let myself down!  I have set a goal for City2Surf and I want to make it a reality.

 In 3 words, tell us about some of those ‘good vibe’ feelings you have after a good run?

Holy f$&k yes!

 Where is your favourite location to run?

Manly – Long Reef has great tracks!

 Do you like exercising with other people or do you prefer to ride solo? 

It’s more therapeutic solo and I feel like I get super-driven, but also with mates for a social start helps get you going.

 Tell us about some of your healthy recipes or favourite healthy snacks that keep you going on the run.

I make smoothies daily with fruit and natural protein; makes me feel healthy.

 When you’re not running, how do you keep busy?

Staying on top of my work, like making music, planning videos and working on strategies and steps to grow my company @thedailyliving!

I’m always learning and just enjoying day by day.

 How excited are you for City2Surf?

I’m so excited to run City2Surf this year.

Last year, I didn’t train but this year I have done a little bit of running, so we will see!

I chose to run for batyr because they are such a great organisation and I really believe in their message and purpose to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health with young people.

Honoured to run with them!

 Join Alex and help make a difference to the lives of young people. Register to ‘Run for the Herd’ in the 2019 City2Surf or the Bridge to Brisbane!