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Sharing mental health expertise across the globe

April 21, 2021


Since 2011, batyr has championed lived experience storytelling through a comprehensive program called ‘Being Herd’ which focuses on teaching young people how to share their stories of mental ill-health safely and provide hope to others. We have seen the incredible ripple effect this opportunity has had in the community, not only in reducing self-stigma, increasing self-acceptance and improving wellbeing but also promoting help-seeking and beginning positive conversations about mental health. (Lindstrom, Sofija, Riley, 2021). 

Through listening to young people’s stories, we have also learned so much. In 2020 a thematic analysis in partnership with ConNetica supported by the National Mental Health Commission highlighted how unconditional love, self-acceptance, an anchor person and quality therapeutic relationships were all common themes underpinning recovery. 

The potential to build off our many unique learnings from over the years and translate them into action is an exciting prospect, and batyr’s newly announced Global Impact Team will be looking to do just that. 

Over the last few years, batyr has been building relationships with groups internationally to share best practice around lived experience storytelling off the back of the innovative model batyr has developed. This has involved knowledge sharing with leading groups in Canada, the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Mexico and NZ, which has opened the door to new opportunities, such as the invitation to speak at the NEXUS Global Summit in New York with world leading philanthropists and organisations prioritising social impact. batyr has also seen immense value in informing policy and research with insights gained from stories, through creating platforms for lived experience to be elevated.

Some  of the most significant things to come out of these discussions are the opportunities to: 

  • translate learnings from young people’s perspectives to action by informing services, policy, research and funding with insights from lived experience
  • bridge expertise to strengthen impact and reduce duplication across the sector
  • take on innovative and collaborative projects to advance knowledge and improve the mental health of young people 
  • provide more chances for young people to be able to give a voice to their stories, to multiply what this can achieve around the world. 

batyr’s Head of Global Impact, Stephanie Vasiliou, and Research and Policy Manager, Tom Riley will be leading the team to invest and contribute to these important areas, driving advocacy through lived experience stories, progressing new research opportunities, building collaborative relationships beyond Australia’s borders, and continuing to inform Australia with best practice from around the world. 

Over the next few months, the team is excited to be looking for collaborators for two key projects:

  • The development of a Global Advisory Group that will include experts excited to be a part of taking things to the next level with us. We are looking for members to provide advice on innovative projects that will drive best practice, bridge connections to new networks (in mental health, funding, research, advocacy etc) and come along for the ride as we build off our work from over the last decade. (Members can be from anywhere in the world!)
  • The start of a global collaborative Youth Insights Report, partnering with researchers and organisations to elevate the voices of young people in really practical ways. 

We look forward to keeping you all up to date with what we learn as we progress. We are thrilled to be moving into this new and exciting phase to evolve the work of batyr and  take on new opportunities, ensuring the voices of  young people are heard into the future.

To gain more information on becoming a member of the Global Advisory Group or to discuss opportunities to collaborate on the Youth Insights Report, please get in touch with [email protected]