Run for the Herd

City2Surf, Sunday, 11th August

This year our goal is to get 500 runners to run City2Surf with us, as we aim to raise $100,000. This amount will allow 5,000 young people to experience a [email protected] program and ensure they are engaged in positive conversations about mental health, and empowered to reach out for support when needed.

Want to step up the challenge?

If you commit to raising $500 for batyr, you can apply here to be one of our Charity Superstar runners. You’ll get a free entry, a start in the special start wave, a personalised bib and special edition finisher’s medal, along with our other fundraising merch incentives. You’ll have to be quick though as there are limited spots!

Did you know?

Every $20 gets a young person through one of our [email protected] programs. Raise $1,000 and you’ll have put 50 young people through a program that smashes the stigma and encourages a young person to reach out for help.

If you are interested in running in any other fun runs around Australia, email [email protected] and let us know what you want to ‘Run For The Herd’ in.

What you get


  • Raise $1,000: You’ll get batyr singlets (max 7) + promotional material
  • Raise $2,000: You’ll get batyr singlets  (max 13 of each) + promotional material
  • Raise $5,000: You’ll get batyr singlets & batyr caps (max 33 of each) + promotional material







*Terms and conditions

  • The program will be dependent on the High School agreeing to the program being delivered
  • The High School nominated must pay the base fee of $700, the funds will specifically go towards covering the remaining costs of a [email protected] program
  • The program must be booked and run within 12 months
  • The nominated High School must be in the regions batyr are currently active in (NSW, ACT, QLD, MELB, AND SA)