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We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs can be delivered online or face to face!

Run for the Herd

Speak Up. Stand Up. Run for the Herd!

We all know the important role exercise plays on not only our physical health but also our mental health. Our Run for the Herd initiative encourages people to take charge of their health and fitness, whilst also supporting youth mental health. 

You can Run for the Herd anywhere, at any time! Set up your own fun run, challenge some friends or colleagues over a distance, or take part in one of the upcoming virtual events this year! It is a great way you can make a difference by raising funds and awareness for youth mental health.

Check out what events are coming up!

Did you know?

Every $25 gets a young person through one of our [email protected] programs. Raise $1,000 and you’ll have put 40 young people through a program that smashes the stigma and encourages a young person to reach out for help. Need some help getting your fundraising started?

Download our fundraising pack here

Raise $250

And you’ll get your very own batyr running singlet*. Check out our epic singlets here


Rounding up a team and taking on an event together is a great way to engage your staff and improve staff wellbeing. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to come together and have a significant impact through fundraising.

  • Raise $1,000: You’ll get up to x5 batyr running singlets + promotional material.
  • Raise $2,000: You’ll get up to x10 batyr running singlets + promotional material.
  • Raise $5,000: You’ll get up to x30 batyr running singlets + promotional material.


If you are interested in running in any other fun runs around Australia, email [email protected] and let us know what you want to ‘Run For The Herd’ in.

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Alex, Sami, Jake, Ari, Imogen

*Singlets are subject to availability.