Run for the Herd – Melbourne Marathon Festival

Melbourne Marathon Festival

Sunday, 13th October 2019

Take charge of your health and wellbeing at the 2019 Melbourne Marathon Festival, hosting a range of events from the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km Run, 5km Run and a 3km Walk, it’s a festival of running made for any type of runner!


Raise $1,000: You’ll get batyr singlets (max 7) + promotional material

Raise $2,000: You’ll batyr singlets  (max 13 of each) + promotional material

Raise $5,000: You’ll get batyr singlets & batyr caps (max 33 of each) + promotional material


Raise $150: You’ll get you a batyr singlet*

Raise $250: You’ll get a batyr singlet & tote bag*

Raise $1,000: You’ll get a batyr singlet, tote bag & cap*

*Merch will be sent out one week prior to the event based on the amount raised by that date, alternatively pick up can be arranged.

Did you know?
Every $20 gets a young person through one of our batyr@school programs. Raise $1,000 and you’ll have put 50 young people through a program that smashes the stigma and encourages a young person to reach out for help.
If you are interested in running in any other fun runs around Australia, email and let us know what you want to ‘Run For The Herd’ in.