Dr. Tim Sharp

Chief Happiness Officer

An internationally renowned leader in the field of Positive Psychology, Dr. Tim Sharp (aka Dr. Happy) is a sought after Speaker and Facilitator, Consultant and Coach, Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador. Dr. Sharp has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D.) and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. He began his career as a clinical psychologist, has worked more recently as an Executive Coach, and is the founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of The Happiness Institute, Australia’s first organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, families and organisations.

He’s taught at all the major universities in NSW and is currently an Adjunct Professor (in Positive Psychology) within the School of Management, Faculty of Business at UTS as well as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Health Sciences, RMIT. His primary area of interest is enhancing happiness at work including building positive cultures, developing positive leadership and boosting resilience, optimism and positive working relationships. He’s a best-selling author of 8 books, writes a regular column for the Sydney Morning Herald, and he’s collaborated with brands and helped shape campaigns for companies such as AMP, BankWest, AMEX, Tip Top, Officeworks, Fitness First and Jenny Craig.

Taken together, Dr. Sharp has achieved unparalleled success in the academic, professional and business worlds. Accordingly, in 2008 Dr. Sharp’s accomplishments were recognised by the Australian Davos Connection when he received a Future Leadership Award and also by the Australia Day Council who invited him to be an Australia Day Ambassador in 2011 (an honour which he continues to enjoy through to this day).