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We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs can be delivered online or face to face!


What is OurHerd?

OurHerd is batyr’s mental health storytelling app which empowers young people to use their collective voices to create actionable change. The platform provides a safe and supportive space to share stories about tough times, resilience and hope. It is a community that builds confidence by listening to and learning from each other. 

OurHerd is uniquely positioned to give young people the opportunity for their voices to be heard, be deeply understood and to inform the decisions that affect them. We harness the power of technology to draw valuable insights from these lived experiences to drive systemic change.


Mental health is amongst the most important issues faced by young people, yet due to high rates of stigma, many feel alone in their struggles, unable to give a voice to their experiences and disempowered to seek help. All these factors contribute to the huge gap that exists between the mental health needs of young people and the systems that surround them. 

The purpose of OurHerd is to support young people to drive informed and improved mental health outcomes by sharing powerful stories.


What is the Change we want to see?


We are collecting a powerful library of data and insights from the stories shared. OurHerd acts as a megaphone for young people to inform governments, policy makers and service providers, and drive actionable change.


Young people have a safe and supportive space to connect with stories of tough times. The OurHerd community builds hope by sharing real, relatable and helpful lived experience stories, which aim to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental ill health


OurHerd guides and empowers young people to confidently give a voice to their story, build up their mental health literacy and lower self-stigma. It is a place for sharing courage, vulnerability and positivity

Join us in creating a world that listens to and learns from young people!



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