One of our Herd just rolled 5km in Crocs and a fake Gucci thong for batyr - Batyr


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One of our Herd just rolled 5km in Crocs and a fake Gucci thong for batyr

August 11, 2020


One of our Herd just rolled 5km in the Run for the Herd Virtual Festival, and there’s still time for you to make a donation!

“Rolled?”, we hear you ask. Yes, that’s right! After his room was badly-damaged in a fire in the St Albans home he shares with his parents, Tien discovered that a fake Gucci thong and a single Crocs shoe had survived the blaze.

Wanting to turn the experience into something positive, Tien cut the wheels out of his cousin’s old Heelys and attached them to the surviving Crocs shoe and fake Gucci thong, creating what he describes as “God’s gift to mankind”.

On Sunday, Tien (30) “laced up” his unique creations to knock out 5km and raise a whopping $2,860 and counting, making him our biggest fundraiser!

“As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make Croc Heelys,” Tien said.

“The weekend went great, I stacked it a couple of times on camera which I posted on my FB story as “falling for the herd”, hopefully turning my pain and embarrassment into some last minute donations.”

“Also my inner thighs are burning – I’ve been waddling around all morning but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun!”

With stage 4 restrictions currently in place in Melbourne, Tien said he managed to find somewhere nearby his home to roll his way through the 5km challenge.

“The whole run was actually symbolic of my mental health journey:  at the start I tried to go fast and stacked it hard, hurting myself trying to flex on social media rather than just going at my own pace in life,” he said.

“I slightly twisted my ankle making it hard to balance so I had to jog in my Crocs/Heelys which began to really hurt my feet.”

“I was suffering in silence but I told myself not to be weak as my toes were getting crushed and starting to blister.”

“Eventually I reached out for support and held onto my sister’s jacket as she pulled me along, giving my ankle and feet time to rest.”

“I wasn’t cheating or helpless, I just needed to give my feet the opportunity to heal with the support of someone else.”

“After a while I was good and completed the rest of the roll on my own.”

“For so much of my life, I was running away from my mental ill-health, but seeing how much therapy changed my life, I signed up to run in the hopes that less people have to suffer in silence like I did.”

We absolutely love this analogy! Absolute legend Tien! 🙌

The Run for the Herd Virtual Festival has so far raised more than $68,000! Thank you to everyone that has donated and walked, jogged, sprinted and rolled around Australia over the weekend!

Funds raised will support the delivery of batyr’s educational mental health programs for young people, empowering them to take charge of their mental health and to start a life-changing conversation with others.

If you’re in need of mental health support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.