Brookvale gym owner advocates for youth mental health in My Community Project

J-train founder James Brodie

8 August 2019, Sydney – A Brookvale gym owner is campaigning his Manly community to vote for youth mental health organisation batyr in the NSW government’s My Community Project.

My Community Project allows local residents to have their say on what initiatives the NSW government should be funding that will have a positive effect on their community. Manly residents have the opportunity to vote for up to five projects out of a total of 20.

J-Train Athletic Performance founder James Brodie is advocating for batyr as his top pick because he has noticed the shift in the resilience of young men in his community over the past decade.

I personally don’t have a personal experience with mental ill-health but numerous close friends have had it pretty tough over the years.”

“I remember losing a classmate to suicide when I was at school and I struggled to understand why he couldn’t have reached out for help.”

In his day-to-job, James added that he can see the positive impact that physical exercise has on the mental health of his clients.

With his extensive work in the rugby community, he said that young men, in particular, need to have access to workshops, like those run by batyr, so they can learn strategies to manage and cope with mental ill-health.

We are doing a few social media campaigns and actively promoting batyr to be Manly’s number one community project throughout the gym to our members and clients,” James said.

batyr is asking for $102,596 in funding to deliver:

  • 24 [email protected] programs (years 9-12)
  • 4 community and ambassador training forums
  • 4 parent forums
  • 4 teacher mental health professional development.

These programs will be delivered by a dedicated batyr project team and will be executed during the 12 months following the awarding of the grant, beginning with the public community engagement forums.

Manly residents can vote here and voting closes on Thursday 15 August


  • You first need to be logged into a MyServiceNSW account.
  • Once you’re logged in, simply select the red ‘Shortlist me’ button on batyr’s project page.
  • You have the opportunity to vote for up to four other projects in the Manly electorate before submitting your choices!