batyr launches ‘Emotional Constipation’ campaign

14 March 2020, Australia – Emotional Constipation is the latest campaign from youth mental health organisation batyr, and it’s encouraging all Australians to #letitip and talk about mental health.

Over 70% of people with mental ill-health will not reach out for help, largely due to stigma*.

Feelings of stress, anxiety, and sadness are totally normal but hoarding your emotions (like toilet paper!) and bottling things up can make things worse. 

We all know that euphoric feeling of relief after a long awaited trip to the loo so let’s make it true for our feelings too.

“The aim of this campaign is to shake up the way we view mental health. We know it can be a hard topic to talk about but it doesn’t have to be. The idea of emotional constipation is a universal, lighthearted way to get people to let it rip,” batyr CEO Nic Brown said.

batyr is all about smashing stigma and increasing help-seeking so we’re calling on everyone to:

  • Reach out to someone you trust and tell them how you’re feeling.
  • Be that emotional laxative if you’re feeling great and start a conversation with others.
  • Share your experience of emotional constipation on social media, and hashtag #emotionalconstipation, #letitrip and #feelingsdontstink.


*Slade, T., et al., The mental health of Australians 2: Report on the 2007 national survey of mental health and wellbeing. 2009, Canberra, Australia: Department of Health and Ageing.