Maddie gets ready for Liptember


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Maddie gets ready for Liptember

August 19, 2020


Have you got your lippy ready for September?

Liptember kicks off next month, a month-long campaign dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health.

Painting on brightly-coloured lipstick can be a great conversation-starter and can be the ice-breaker needed to make a life-changing impact on someone’s mental health journey. Liptember also helps to support batyr’s work!

batyr lived experience speaker Maddie will be donning brightly-coloured lipstick for Liptember and below she shares what the month means to her, as well as her journey with batyr so far.

“One of the toughest things about going through a negative mental health experience is the isolation and fear you feel,” Maddie said.

“You don’t want to tell anyone because you don’t want to be labelled as something else.”

“For me, this is particularly important since my culture has a very negative stigma on mental health, so even validating the way I was feeling was difficult.”

“I believed that I was the only one who experienced negative mental health so I kept it to myself as I didn’t want to burden others.”

Maddie participated in batyr’s Being Herd workshop and for the first time felt empowered and validated to share her experiences to help others.

As a speaker for batyr, she has been sharing her story at batyr’s impactful peer-to-peer programs in schools and universities.

“Because of batyr, I am more confident in who I am, and I proudly share my story as I hope to contribute to changing the negative stigma surrounding mental health,” Maddie said.

“I now don’t feel ashamed about my past and openly talk about my
mental health with others.”

“Opening up and having transparent conversations with my loved ones made me feel supported and not alone.”

“As a result, this gave my loved ones an opportunity to be honest with me about their own emotions and experiences.”

Maddie said Liptember is an opportunity for everyone to start a conversation and raise awareness about mental health in order to destigmatise the negativity linked to such an important topic.

Liptember is particularly empowering for other women, liker her, to share stories of mental health so we can actively take charge in changing the way society sees mental health, Maddie added.

“Having positive conversations about mental health is really important because it makes me feel comfortable about my experiences and allows me to develop my support system,” she said.

“The best way to overcome something is by doing it together and I think participating in Liptember is a great start.”

The money raised from Liptember goes to batyr, the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, Lifeline, The Jean Hailes Foundation, The Pretty Foundation and The Magpie Nest Women’s Program.

To get involved, register online, start fundraising and get your lippy on over the month of September!