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It’s Awkward But…

One conversation that can be awkward (but shouldn’t be!) is the mental health convo. We’re here to help you navigate those, sometimes tricky, sometimes awks, BUT really important convos.

So what’s more Awkward?

We played a little game to find out.

What’s this campaign all about?

Life is full of awkward moments.

We’ve all waved back at someone only to realise they are waving at the person behind us, or asked someone to repeat themselves for the third time and having to pretend that you know what they’ve said.


Life is also full of awkward convos

When someone gets the wrong end of the stick and you have to correct them or when you’re on a date and you realise you have nothing in common. 


We believe that instigating the awkward convo is necessary to get the support you, or the person you’re talking to, need. 

We believe that all young people should be engaged in positive conversations about mental health, this won’t happen without us all getting a little awkward for the greater good of smashing the stigma around mental health. 

Next time you are unsure of whether or not to check in with someone you’re worried about, or you feel weird about telling someone how you’ve been feeling, remember this:

It might be awkward,
but do it anyway. 

Time to get your awkward on.
Have the convo. 


Helpful resources to check out:

  • R U OK? Day have some incredible resources about how to start a conversation with someone you’re concerned about. Check out their tips here
  • Beyond Blue have come up with an awesome App called Check-in. It’s free to download and gives you a few hints and tips about how to have these conversations. This App is a great starting point if you’re a bit nervous about having that conversation. Learn more and download the app here
  • ReachOut have some more pointers on how to ask a friend if they are okay in this great article here

How this campaign was created.

We are proud to say that this campaign was created by four incredible young people! Stephanie, Sabrina, Lily & Mikayla are all students at the University of Technology Sydney and chose to work with us as part of their Industry Innovation Project.

“It’s Awkward But. Three words, which hold the power to start a difficult but important conversation around mental health. As young people, we want to overcome the inherent stigma faced by our generation. In collaboration with batyr, we had the opportunity to bring our campaign to life, which acknowledges the awkwardness and truly recognises the elephant in the room.”

Stephanie, Sabrina, Lily and Mikayla