Great Ocean Road Running Festival

When: Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th May, 2020
Where: Lorne, VIC

Are you ready to run for the herd at Australia’s most stunning running event?! 

The Great Ocean Road Running Festival is held in a beautiful and unique area of Victoria, Australia on the Southern Ocean. The Great Ocean Road is an icon in Australia and is renowned throughout the world for its beauty and panoramic views of the southern ocean. Each year, the event attracts many athletes from around the world, all eager to participate in this challenging and pristine environment. 

There are many events on offer, so why not join us and run for the herd, to raise funds and awareness for mental health!

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Did you know?

Every $20 gets a young person through one of our [email protected] programs. Raise $1,000 and you’ll have put 50 young people through a program that smashes the stigma and encourages a young person to reach out for help. Need some help getting your fundraising started? Download our fundraising pack here

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