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Emotional Constipation…

We’re encouraging all Australians to #letitrip and start talking about mental health. 

At batyr we’re all about smashing the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and increasing help-seeking. We know that stigma is a leading barrier to young people accessing support.  In fact more than 70% of those dealing with a mental health issue will not reach out for help, largely due to stigma.

It’s time we shake up the way we view mental health and give a voice to the elephant in the room…emotional constipation!⁠

Don’t hoard your emotions like toilet paper, share it around.

We all know that euphoric feeling of relief after a long awaited visit to the loo, let’s make it true for our feelings too.

Feelings are normal, even the sucky ones. And it’s no good storing them up. It’s time to set them free. To take that first step and talk to someone you trust.

And if you’re already feeling great you could be someone elses emotional laxative. Just ask them how they are doing and listen.

.And remember….

Some helpful resources to check out:


R U OK? Day have some incredible resources about how to start a conversation with someone you’re concerned about. Check out their tips here

Beyond Blue have come up with an awesome App called Check-in. It’s free to download and gives you a few hints and tips about how to have these conversations. This App is a great starting point if you’re a bit nervous about having that conversation. Learn more and download the app here

ReachOut have some more pointers on how to ask a friend if they are okay in this great article here


How many people feel emotionally constipated in Australia?