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We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs will now be delivered online.

Change Their Future

Modelling has shown the impact of COVID-19 could lead to a 50% rise in suicides in Australia, up to 30% of these among young people.¹

You can help a young person who’s struggling with their mental health to reach out for support today. Together, we can change the future of so many young people.

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"batyr has shown me that mental health is something that we can all take charge of; no one is less than anyone else." Read more about Tom's story.

"I feel more confident than ever about my own lived experience" Read more about Ryan's story. 

"I proudly share my story as I hope to contribute to changing the negative stigma surrounding mental health." Read more about Maddie's story.

"I found a reason to get up early in the morning and to live my life as a more passionate, empathetic and appreciative human being." Read more about Yoosuf's story.

Why do we need your support now?

Modelling has shown that the impact of COVID-19 could lead to a 50% rise in suicides in Australia, with up to 30% of these among young people aged 15-25 years ¹. With more than 70% of mental illnesses developing by age 25 ² it’s vital we work with young people to help them reach out for the support they need. Together, we can change their future.

Right now, young people are dealing with challenges that they’ve never faced before including sudden social disconnection, disruption to their education, financial pressure due to job loss and constant feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear.

 Preventative education is a key part of the solution. Without it, many young people simply don’t know how to get the support they need. batyr has been working with young people for almost a decade, we know how to get the message out there, but we need your help!

We have been able to bring our peer-to-peer programs online, however, we need your support to help us deliver these to young people across Australia to make sure they are hearing our messages of hope and resilience. Your support will help ensure young people that are struggling today get the confidence they need to reach out for help now.

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