Board Announcement 2019

April 17, 2019


A note from our Founder and Chair of the Board

At the start of the year, at our annual batyr retreat, I had the privilege of doing a Q&A with the team. Whilst we covered many areas one stood out to me: the need for us to continue to ‘fall outwards’. To trust others so that collectively we can continue to seek the positive impact that our community needs.

Recently the batyr board implemented a significant change to the structure of batyr that calls on this mentality now more so than ever as we look to better enable innovation and strategy to truly see batyr flourish.

Going forward, we will be appointing an Advisory Panel of industry experts which will help with the strategic direction of batyr. The Advisory Panel will replace the role of CEO. We thank Jon Davies for his dedication to batyr over the last 12 months.

Below is an extract from Jon’s farewell note to the team:

“I’ve had a wonderful journey at batyr. The biggest highlight by far has been leading a team that relates to seeing a lived experience of mental ill health as a strength not a deficit.  A team in which 100% of us feel that someone at batyr cares for our wellbeing. No other organisation I know can boast this accolade. On top of our core business of our engaging upbeat programs we have started to innovate and pilot new ideas, digital stories and new pathways to employment. All towards batyr’s goal to reach 1 million people.  I have also been so lucky to hear some of the amazing stories from our herd; the unique analogies, the vulnerability, their inner strength always leaves me inspired. If you’re ever feeling the need for an uplift, I recommend you read a snowball from one of the school programs.”

We are where we are today because we have continued to back young people, and our team. And for those that don’t know me, I’m an all in type of person… and this strategy is no different.  

Over the coming year I hope you see, experience and interact with the numerous faces of the batyr family and the incredible leadership throughout it.  

To the students at schools and uni’s championing batyr Chapters, our speakers who now make up the largest youth lived experience network, our financial supporters and volunteers at numerous events and of course our incredible team… today I ask you to back yourselves and ‘fall outwards’, because today, tomorrow and every day, the batyr family backs you.

This is an exciting time for batyr. Whilst there are certainly some challenges ahead, we (on behalf of the Board) are all very optimistic and confident that the leadership team, along with the advisory panel, will play vital roles in steering our ship through this new uncharted territory. To understand a little more about our forward looking strategic perspective I encourage you to read this great blog by the legendary Nic Brown, General Manager of batyr.

Let’s continue to keep backing young people just like our Board is backing our team.

batyr we go!

Sebastian Robertson