Being Herd 1:1 - Batyr


We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs can be delivered online or face to face!

Being Herd 1:1

Have you got a story of resilience and hope to share? Do you want to smash the stigma around mental health in your community?

Our Being Herd workshops support you to share your story of experiencing mental health challenges, reaching out for support and managing your wellbeing; in a safe and impactful way for yourself and others. 

The Being Herd 1:1 program is a FREE half-day workshop delivered in a one-on-one private and confidential online space where you can share your story at your own pace with a member of the Being Herd team. 

We provide you with a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and encouraging space to build the skills and confidence to share your journey of mental ill-health in a safe and impactful way that can help you to share your experiences with friends and family, with other mental health professional to access support or as a mental health advocate to help others feel less alone and more empowered to reach out for the support they deserve when they need it. 

This workshop is currently available for young people aged 18-30 who live, study or work in New England and the Central and Far West. 

 If you are interested in sharing your story but you live in a different area, please consider expressing your interest for our Being Herd group workshops here.