Being Bold: Quarter One Update

April 22, 2019


Additional funding from the NSW State Government to support young people in mental health units.

Last year we began a pilot project using digital storytelling to help young people hospitalised in mental health units.  In March 2019 we received confirmation of additional funding for our Digital Peer Support Project. This allows us to extend the current pilot in the Child & Adolescent unit at Hornsby Hospital for a further six months, as well as implement the project in a new inpatient unit in the NSW public health system. The extension will enable more young people to benefit from the resource and it will enable batyr to increase our evaluation data. This data will be so valuable in acquiring further learnings on the use of digital support content in a young person’s treatment during hospitalisation.

We welcome 38 young mental health advocates to our herd.

We ran five Being Herd workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney including a workshops in a new region for batyr; Bathurst.

The workshops aim to empower young people to share their experiences in a safe and confident way, knowing that their story matters and deserves to be ‘herd’.

Prior to the workshop, only 43% of participants rated their story as valid and 39% had high levels of confidence in sharing it. After the workshop this increased to 94% and 95% respectively.

“The workshop helped me to open up about vulnerabilities I didn’t even know I had. The supportive atmosphere helped me to understand just how impactful my story can be.

Tamworth Participant

We ran our first Being Herd Pathways workshop on the Central Coast, supporting 5 young people not in education, employments or training.

“Being Herd Pathways has been a fantastic experience. I feel more confident about living with mental ill health and allowing it to empower me as I enter the workforce and into the future.”

 Gosford Pathways Participant

4517 High School students heard relatable and positive stories about mental health care.

64 programs were delivered in the quarter across NSW, VIC, SA, QLD and ACT.

Our post program feedback across all programs showed that 2 out of 3 students were more likely to reach out for support after seeing our program.

Here is just one of the hundreds of messages we receive from students every time we run a [email protected] program.

“hi I just wanted to firstly comment on the speakers. I can’t even imagine getting up in front of so many strangers and laying it’s so bare. Kudos to you and your courage. I also like to thank you organisation for talking about this. It’s such an important topic, and I love the energy and passion you guys used in the presentation take care”

High School Student, Adelaide 

Supporting uni students in navigating their way through Uni and life.

20 uni programs delivered, reaching 1256 students. This is a great outcome considering most students don’t start back at Uni until March.

3 in 4 students said they were more likely to reach out for help after seeing a batyr program.

Below is just one quote from a Uni student on the impact of the program.

“It makes you feel less alone in your emotions and normalises it, making it ok not to be ok”

UTS student

What’s on your wellbeing To Do list?!

A few weeks ago we launched our batyr tram with a ‘To Do’ list campaign in Melbourne.

We were lucky enough to have been chosen as one of eight Yarra Trams community partners to share in $1 million of free advertising value on Melbourne’s iconic tram network in 2019

Our ‘Elephant Tram’ is helping us create a mentally healthy Australia by normalising conversations around mental health and encouraging people to take charge of their wellbeing each and every single day by featuring a wellbeing ‘To Do’ list. Let’s make sure mental health care is as regular a daily activity as feeding your fish or washing your undies! (We’re hoping everyone is regularly washing their undies)

Thanks to Stefan Hunt for the amazingly colourful and vibrant designs. 

We can’t wait to see the tram cruising the streets of Melbourne! If you want to check it out, it’s tram 3009 on route 109 zooming up and down Collins st! Make sure to send us a pic if you see it.

Amplifying the voices of young people through new projects and opportunities.

We submitted our response to the Australian Government Productivity Commission into mental health. A call out was made to the young people we work with to gain input for this important submission. According to their voices, research findings in Australia and our experiences in the mental health space, we strongly recommend the following areas of investment to see the necessary change:

  1. Prevention and education to reduce stigma
  2. The power of sharing lived experience to create change
  3. Community building to increase social inclusion and reduce isolation of young people

Speaker stories to inform policy and prevention strategies.

We have received funding from the National Mental Health Commission to run a thematic analysis research project on 100 speaker stories. Led by John Mendoza, director of ConNetica this analysis will identify unique themes to be used to inform policy, prevention and early intervention strategies and the training and development of healthcare professionals. This is an exciting new opportunity for batyr that will continue to highlight the value of lived experience stories in the sector.

Helping to create mentally healthy workplaces

One of our key partners UnLtd is leading the charge when it comes to supporting the media and marketing industry to create mentally healthy workplaces.

batyr were proud to be a key speaker at both of the events in Melbourne and Sydney alongside Mitch Wallis from the ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ movement and Relationships Australia. The event discussed how to make workplaces more supportive of good mental health, how to create a stigma-free culture and what to do when you become the ‘Accidental Counsellor’.

This quarter we will be running our [email protected] program for NGEN – a community for those with less than five years’ experience in the media industry.

If your workplace is interested in hearing more about our [email protected] program please contact our Partnerships Manager [email protected]

Events coming up!

Darkness Into Light –  On May 11th thousands of people in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Newcastle will be walking as dawn breaks to bring light to a topic often clouded in darkness and to raise funds for batyr. Get your tickets here!

Pitch2Punchline – On the 3rd of June people from the Media Industry will stand up at the famous Sydney Opera House to unearth the new comedic talent within the industry in support of batyr. Check out the event and grab your tickets here.

Orange Black Tie Scrum – Of the back of the Get Talkin Tour the Orange Black Tie Scrum has evolved with the goal to help batyr continuing to run programs for the local rugby community and schools within in the Central West region. Stay tuned for more details.

batyr’s Blue Tie Ball – Save the date for batyr’s annual Blue Tie Ball in Sydney. This year batyr’s signature event will be taking place on Saturday 14th September. More details to follow.

Flowers Across Sydney have chosen to support batyr in the month of April with 10% of sales of the rainbow rose going to batyr.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.