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We are here to support youth mental health throughout COVID-19 and beyond. All our programs will now be delivered online.

[email protected] has gone digital!  We’re here to support uni students through this uncertain time with our new digital offering.

what’s it all about?

Our [email protected] programs offer a unique form of education that hopes to see a happier, healthier generation of young people by removing the stigma around mental health and empowering young people to reach out for help when they need it.

[email protected] programs act as a bridge between students and avenues of help, assisting them to take that first and crucial step of getting help. batyr speakers share their personal stories of difficult times, educating the students about the first hand benefits of reaching out, the avenues which are available to them both on and off campus, and how best to help themselves or someone else facing similar situation.

what programs are on offer?

60 minute [email protected] featuring interactive elements, stories and multimedia

45 minute [email protected] featuring an outline of stigma, a student speaker sharing their story and our 5 tips explained

To find out more about how we are delivering our programs online click here. 


Long-term [email protected] partnerships currently exist at the University of Technology Sydney, Australian National University in Canberra, The University of South Australia in Adelaide and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney.

An important aspect of the partnership includes, a student led chapter who plan and implement events and initiatives designed to help reduce mental health stigma and increase help seeking on campus.

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Research highlights students are five times more likely to experience mental ill health when at university. 86% of students who do suffer a significant mental health issue are likely to drop out from university.*

*Helen M. Stallman, PhD, DClinPsych, CertMedEd, MAPS, MCCLP


of students are more likely to seek help after seeing a batyr program


of students rate the program as highly engaging

Interested in getting batyr at your Uni?