Stories from quarter three

Local High School Student rallies peers to bring batyr to her school

Jess, the school captain of Port Hacking High School got in contact with us after hearing from batyr at a mental health forum earlier in the year. Jess introduced batyr to her school and got sign off on four programs for year 9,10,11 and 12 on RUOK? Day –  the most number of programs we’ve ever delivered in one school in one day!

At the end of the day Jess told our School Coordinator Neha that every student had made a donation to get us to the school.  We were blown away by this. Our programs are heavily subsidised by our amazing funders, but the school contributes a portion of the fee for our programs. This commitment by students to spend money on mental health and not the canteen, shows how much they value mental health and their passion to create positive change at their school.

Here is just one of the many amazing comments we received after the program:

“To hear real stories and how the speakers recovered from them helps us understand how mental health affects people and it doesn’t have to define your future.” Yr 12 student


 Australian first: videos supporting young people in hospitalisation to launch this month

batyr are proud to announce a new support tool, aimed at improving the inpatient experience for young people in mental health units, will launch at Hornsby Hospital this month.

Over the past three months the team have worked with the NSW Ministry of Health to oversee the development of a virtual peer mentoring resource for young people during hospitalisation.

The ‘Being Herd Digital Peer Support’ resource features three young people from our herd, who share their feelings, expectations, learnings and experiences during hospitalisation, to help other young people with their inpatient experience. A resource that Dominic, who features in the video series, wished he had when he was being treated.

The video series will be shown to young patients in Hornsby Hospital with a clinician debriefing the key takeaways and lessons they can implement in their own recovery.

Funded by the NSW Government, NSW Minister Tanya Davies said “It’s another powerful tool to reach young people who need to see and witness examples of recovery and hope.”


 Millenials giving a [email protected]* about mental health

A recent survey by Triple J, revealed that Aussies 18-29 ranked mental health as the most pressing issue affecting young people at the moment (Triple J  “What’s up in your world’ Survey)

So what’s being done about it?

Our incredible team of volunteers (student execs) and batyr coordinators at each of our Uni partners ran a tonne of insightful and inclusive events and programs for their peers to help start important conversations and to create a sense of community and mateship on campus.

Here is one reflection from a student executive in Adelaide.

“Being a part of batyr UniSA student executive team is one of best life experience I have ever had. We have had so much fun working together and I have learned so much throughout this journey. It not only introduced me to a bunch a great people but also made me realise that both happy times and sad moments make life interesting, unique, and worth living”  Student exec member, UNISA

And in Canberra and Sydney over 90 students from ANU, USYD and UTS ran a combined 340km to show they give a sh*# about mental health.  The annual Civic2Surf and Most of the Coast took place in August, with students actively raising funds and awareness for a cause they care about.

Ebony, Civic2Surf alumni and batyr employee summed it up perfectly.

“The truth is it’s hard to put into words the impacts of Civic2Surf – because as well as the funds its the power of students saying that they care about mental health and want to make a difference. That they want to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, and ultimately want to make a change to the high rates of suicide and low help seeking rates of Australians. Often we talk about the power of young people and a community coming together to make a change, and for me this is really what Civic2Surf represents.”


 More balls than a game of pool

We had five amazing Gala balls taking place in regional NSW, Sydney, Newcastle and even Hong Kong. That’s right batyr’s message was spread international for the second year running with with HONG KONG Blue Tie Ball raising 950k (… In Hong Kong dollars – to be shared with a number of local and international charities). We also had the Blue Tie Ball, The White Elephant Spring Ball, The Light Ball and Elephant In The Castle Ball and to wrap it up Pitch2Punch with the media and marketing industry.  Thank you to the amazing efforts of dedicated committee members who volunteer their time to create an epic night for their community and to help raise important funds for batyr so we can continue the work we are doing.

Move over Nike, ‘run for the herd’ is here

Inspired by our annual University led running fundraiser Civic2Surf and Most of the Coast, our new ‘run for the herd’ campaign kicked off with great success thanks to some amazing supporters.

We had 275 students from TAS (almost half the entire school!) come to Sydney and #runfortheherd in the City2Surf!  These legends couldn’t be missed on the day and we are so grateful to all the staff, parents and students for all of their support.

We also had keen beans join our Run For The Herd team at Blackmores, here was our favourite message from one participant.

We’re happy to say Jordan followed through, registered to #runfortheherd and raised over a $1600 for batyr in two days. What a legend!

Does doing something active for your own wellbeing and for a good cause sound like your kinda thing? Help us make ‘Run for the herd’ a national campaign. Email [email protected]

Our impact to date

“I am so glad I came to this workshop. It is one thing to know you aren’t alone in how you feel but hearing real stories from real people makes that message really sink in. Thank you for an amazing workshop“

Being Herd Participant, SA, July

For all you number lovers, below is a snapshot of quarter three:

  • 7 Being Herd workshops delivered in Sydney, Gosford, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane
  • 53 young people now equipped with the confidence and skills to share their experiences with mental ill health with others
  • 24 young people supported with one-on-one training to share their story in our structured school and university programs.
  • 99 High School Programs delivered across NSW, VIC, QLD, ADELAIDE and ACT. So close to hitting the 100!
  • 33 Uni Programs delivered at our University Partners ANU, UTS, USYD and UNISA
  • A new batyr record was set! We ran 42 school and uni programs in a fortnight in September, that’s a whole heap of young people hearing how they can take charge of their mental health and support their mates. 

New Australian first trial, 5 gala balls, students fund a program, uni students running 350km for mental health!

Behind the numbers are some incredible stories from our herd.

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