Adam Taylor

Business Development Manager (VIC/SA)

Adam was once described by a new friend as a “morning person” which was quickly dispelled by an old friend in the room who said very clearly, “He’s an ALL the time person”. Adam is passionate about meditation, health and well-being, advocating for mental health, social justice issues, the environment, and cooperatives.

Adam has A LOT of hobbies, some of which include: surfing, bush walking, camping, canyoning, seeing live music, and watching rad 80’s movies.

Adam has a Masters degree in political science, and BA in psychology, (and half a law degree) all done in in his home state of Colorado before moving to Oz about 10 years ago where he’s spent the past ten years running a cooperative business, and the past 5 working in the NSW Parliament. Get in touch any time! He’s always up for a chat!