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There are tonnes of ways to get involved with batyr. Our flagship initiatives are our batyr@school, batyr@uni and Being Herd programs however if you’re not in the position to arrange a program or to share your story check out the ideas and opportunities below.


At batyr we are always on the lookout for some awesome volunteers to help out with a range of activities. We’re after people with all sorts of skills so get in touch and let us know how you would like to help batyr! You can also connect with us on Facebook to be kept up to date with opportunities to get involved.

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The batyr herd seems to be gathering a snowballing mob of fundraisers in its ranks. From the renowned Civic2Surf event, the ‘Most Of The Coast’ run to teams in the City2Surf, Colour Run and Tough Mudder, batyr supporters have been representing in well known Aussie events around the country. Having fun, all whilst raising much needed funds to support the running of our programs. If you want to be a batyr fundraising legend, fill in the form above and we will be in touch.

Start a batyr University Chapter

Universities have clubs and societies ranging from the Ping Pong Ball Appreciation Society to the Harry Potter crew. Why not start a society with a purpose? A batyr@uni chapter can take many forms but has the underlying goal of alleviating the stigma surrounding mental health among young people. From DIY fundraising events to discussion groups, a batyr Chapter is an awesome way to start positive conversations around mental health at your uni.

Want to Join the Herd?

Head to one of our FREE Being Workshops being held across the country throughout the year. Being Herd is a two day workshop that empowers young people to give a voice to their story. The workshop helps build the confidence and skills to learn how to share your story with or through mental ill health in a safe and effective way.


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