What is Being Herd?

Being Herd is a free two day workshop that empowers young people to give a voice to their story of mental ill health.

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Your story

All kinds of stories are welcome!

Every person relates to others differently and your story may positively change someone else’s life. By sharing your story you are directly helping to break down the stigma associated with mental health. You can help us demonstrate that experiencing mental ill health does not define an individual, rather, it is one part of their life journey.

The workshop

The two day workshop brings together a small group of young people to learn how to confidently share their lived experience with mental ill health or what it’s been like supporting someone else.

The workshop focuses on highlighting the steps you took to get support, what has helped in your recovery or management of your experiences and how you can share your story in a safe and effective way for yourself and other young people.

Being Herd Workshop Dates

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  • Sydney: 28th – 29th (LGBTQIA+)


  • Brisbane: 12th – 13th

*Please note that these dates are tentative and are subject to change. There is also a wait-list for some areas.

Who will hear your story?

The aim of the program is to enable you to tell your story in a constructive and empowering way that may one day benefit another person going through a difficult time.

After participating in the workshop you may also have the opportunity to undergo further training to become a batyr Speaker, where you will tailor your storytelling to share your experience at batyr@school and batyr@uni programs. By speaking out and sharing your own experience, batyr Speakers smash the stigma around mental health and show students that they are not alone in their struggles, that support is available when they need it, and how truly beneficial getting help is.


``I was surprised at how nervous I was before the workshop. I was afraid that my story would not compare to the other participants' experiences and doubted whether it would be seen as 'good enough' to share. I was at once made to feel confident and validated whilst being given constructive and supportive feedback. I did not feel judged or unworthy. The experience was immensely therapeutic and very liberating. I was amazed at the experiences of the other participants. Their messages of resilience, hope and courage continue to resonate with me. Even though we were strangers, hearing their stories, and knowing that they had heard mine, bonded us, and that was, and still is, very comforting.``-
``In a safe environment powerful things can happen``-
``A very supportive and friendly environment which helped me to share my story for the first time in my life``-
``The highlight so far has been being able to truly feel like I’m making an impact in the community with diverse audiences``-
``The highlight of my involvement with Batyr is my personal development and growth, but more importantly the friendships and connections that I have made``-
``Stories have great power and have enormous potential to change lives in others. I feel that sharing my lived experience with mental ill health not only has potential to benefit a young person but has also made a great impact on my life personally.``- UTS Being Herd Speaker 2015